Business Interruption

Keep business going as usual with business interruption insurance. WE can help you protect your business against lost income, employee salaries and rent expenses.

Business owners often overlook the importance of business interruption insurance. This important coverage acts like a disability insurance for your business and pays for the loss of profit and ongoing expenses in the event of an interruption.

Business Interruption Insurance can:

  • Be a part of a package or an endorsement to a commercial property policy.
  • Protect your business in case of a loss, such as damaged business equipment or vandalism, or a hazard, such a fire, hail or windstorm, force closure for a short period, within the policy terms.
  • Pay for lost net income and continuing expenses such as rent or mortgage, advertising, salaries and taxes.
  • Some policies may pay your relocation and advertising fees if you relocate temporarily to another location.

Consider what would happen if your business suffered a loss. Learn more about business interruption insurance from your We Insure agent.